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Vesuvian Media Group, Inc. (VMG) includes Vesuvian Books, Vesuvian Entertainment, Vesuvian Licensing/Merchandising, and the forthcoming Vesuvian Foundation.


A great shift is silently taking place in the publishing world. Many hybrid authors (writers who are both independently and traditionally published) are making more money and finding a larger, more dedicated fan-base than mid-list authors signed to the major publishing houses in New York. This is similar to what occurred in Hollywood, with the rise of the independent production company. Now, many box office hits are from outside the studio system.


Hybrid authors power their own destiny. They understand what it takes to make an emotional connection with their audience and sell books. Fan letters from around the world have credited these authors with everything from bringing them back to their faith to saving their marriages, and even their lives.


Top producers are buying rights to hybrid author titles, paying as much as 7 figures to purchase the rights to adapt their books to film or TV.


VMG is composed of industry experts with years of experience in entertainment, publishing, representation, and merchandise licensing. We plan to change the way the system works. By creating our own ecosystem through Vesuvian Books and Vesuvian Entertainment,  VMG captures the consumer from the moment the story is born and sees it through to screen—the story that fans expect to see, not Hollywood’s version that often leaves the audience angry and box office receipts lacking.


We want to touch the people who read books to escape and to feel. VMG takes the pioneers of the new publishing paradigm and gives their audience what they want—stories that will be remembered for generations to come—in print and on screen.


And how do we know what’s popular before the market becomes saturated and moves on? Where it starts: boots on the ground, grassroots word-of-mouth from the buying audience. VMG is virtually on the “front lines.”


Vesuvian Media Group has signed a First Look deal with Rhino/Boilermaker Media Corp.


Phil Conserva and Louis Shaw Milito are producers and directors with over 45 years experience in the film and TV industry. They are founding partners of Los Angeles based, Rhino/Boilermaker Media Corp., a production company focused on creating and producing provocative factual and dramatic entertainment for film and TV.


The filmmakers are veteran producers from all 15 years of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) - the longstanding #1 show in the world. Other credits include directing CSI, CSI: Immortality (2015 TV Movie), and most recently, hit TV series episodes of GOTHAM (FOX), LUCIFER (FOX), TRAINING DAY (CBS), and THE EXORCIST (FOX).


The duo also created the groundbreaking docu-series, Cuban Chrome. The Discovery Channel series was the first ever American-based production to be filmed entirely in Cuba. Viewers gained an intimate look inside the island nation and the A Lo Cubano Car Club prior to the United States declaration to restore diplomatic relations.




  • Thomas N. Ellsworth, Executive Chairman

    Ellsworth is a veteran at running multi-million dollar corporations, an experienced publisher, and a business and software developer. Ellsworth was Chairman of Premier Publishing, which was acquired in 2013 by Open Road Integrated Media. Ellsworth is President and COO of PHP Agency, a financial services marketing organization. Previously, Ellsworth was CEO of GoTV Networks, a developer and publisher of enterprise-grade rich media applications, whose clients included the NFL, NASCAR, and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Ellsworth led the company through a financial and strategic turnaround followed by an acquisition in 2011. Before joining GoTV, Ellsworth served as Executive Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development at JAMDAT Mobile, the largest wireless games publisher in the world. He was a core member of the team that drove the start-up to its successful IPO (acquired by Electronic Arts). Prior to JAMDAT, he was Vice President of Incubator Development (corporate venture capital) at Sprint. Ellsworth managed the fund that invested in companies that forged new paths including JAMDAT, Helio, and Boingo.


    Ellsworth holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration; Marketing from California State University, Northridge and an MBA from Pepperdine University.


  • Italia Gandolfo, CEO


    Italia Gandolfo, has over 20 years’ media experience ranging from a top Hollywood Talent & Literary Agency, Publishing, Advertising, and Film. She began her career at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) during the tenure of Founder/CEO, Michael Ovitz. Gandolfo researched classified projects while coordinating and assembling development information (domestic and foreign) for talent agents, writers, directors, producers, actors etc., and was in charge of the agency’s library of confidential screenplays and manuscripts. She later moved into the independent publishing arena as an acquisitions editor. Gandolfo is the Founder and CEO of GANDOLFO HELIN & FOUNTAIN LITERARY MANAGEMENT. GHL is a full-service literary and dramatic rights agency with a presence in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. They manage the development, publishing, producing, and licensing of client property including commercial fiction, non-fiction, personal memoirs, original teleplays, and screenplays. With a background in both publishing and Film/TV, GHL supports client projects in a wide array of media possibilities from books to film. The GHL team includes publishing industry veteran, Agent Renee C. Fountain, from Harcourt and Simon & Schuster.



  • Allen LeWinter, Chief Brand Officer


    Allen LeWinter has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment, licensing, merchandising, marketing, and branding industries. Allen has overseen the creation and marketing of products for a diverse group of talent and companies including Scholastic, Random House, Warner Bros., MARVEL Entertainment, DC Comics, NBC Universal  & Universal Studios, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, MTV, 20th Century Fox, Conundrum Entertainment, Jersey Films, HBO, Sony, Barney the Dinosaur, Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, Snapple, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Hard Rock Café, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Genesis, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Prince, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac Shakur. Allen is responsible for generating billions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of properties and top artists, and has strong relationships with key entertainment companies, A-list celebrities, tech companies, and retail decision and tastemakers.


  • Liana Gardner, Director of Operations


    A twenty-year veteran in International Business, Gardner works with Hong Kong development teams to determine what front line business needs will not be met by the enterprise solutions. Bridging those gaps and driving overall company success through streamlining, standardization, and automation, her solutions have provided substantial savings in excess of 7 figures per year.


    The daughter of a rocket scientist and an artist, Gardner is an award-winning author and volunteers with International Trade Education Programs (ITEP), who unites business people and educators. Gardner is currently working on behalf of Vesuvian Foundation with the president of the local Altrusa Organization for District Eleven to develop a joint program to promote literacy and creative achievement.


  • Gareth Worthington, Director of Business Development


    For the past decade, Gareth Worthington has lived in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, working in medical and business intelligence. He operates at both global and local levels within scientific affairs, market access, commercial strategy, and corporate infrastructure management. Worthington provides business support relating to product development and acquisition, regulatory and official body guidance, and evidence generation. He assists with brand strategy and execution, which includes competitive intelligence and business analysis to drive brand, portfolio, and corporate strategy. In addition, he develops and manages strategic communication, education, and publication programs for individual brands, franchises, and entire portfolios, internal training, and infrastructure development.


    Worthington holds a degree in marine biology, a PhD in Endocrinology, and currently educates the World's doctors on new cancer therapies. Gareth has hand tagged sharks in California; authored a trilogy of novels, of which two installments won honorable mention at the New York Book Festival 2012 and 2013; and trained in various martial arts, including Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, and MMA at the EVOLVE MMA gym in Sinagpore and Pheonix KampfSport Switzerland.


    Born in Plymouth UK, Worthington currently resides outside of Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Jo-Ann Carol

    Jo-Ann has worked in the movie industry as a writer/agent/manager for over twenty years.  She began her career as a script writer and then moved into being a script analyst for major production companies. She was an agent at Monteiro-Rose-Dravis Literary Agency (Suzanne Collins HUNGER GAMES, Disney: PLANES, Martin Scorsese's HUGO) for several years before starting her own management company in 2013. Her writer clients have worked on programs such as DEXTER (Showtime), DA VINCI'S DEMONS (Starz), UNDERGROUND (WGN), and QUEEN SUGAR (OWN).


    Jo-Ann's long and professional track record gives her the ability to submit projects to executives at networks and top production companies including Starz, Bad Robot, Showtime, Amazon Studios, ABC, CBS, USA, Syfy, Hallmark, Lifetime, Blumhouse, Kilter Films, Berlanti Productions, Color Force, Denver and Delilah, and many more. She has written for several publications and newspapers, and her articles have appeared in numerous magazines.



  • Nina Gomez, Advisory Board

    Nina is a Certified Public Accountant with a degree in Economics and a Minor in Humanities. Having been educated abroad, she set out to prove herself when she moved to the U.S. Her career started as a copy girl in a law firm. Her dedication and work ethic led to her current position as a Senior Executive in one of the most respected advertising agencies in the country. Nina is Director and Controller, Senior Vice President, North America for Leo Burnett Company, a global advertising company, founded in 1935 in Chicago. Leo Burnett is one of the largest agency networks with 85 offices and 9,000+ employees. (Multinational clients include Fiat, Samsung, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, Altria, Coca-Cola, GM, McDonald’s and Pfizer.) In addition, Nina is a successful author, writing under the pen name, Christine Brae.

  • Eric Davis, Advisory Board


    Eric Davis consults with organizations to solve complex problems, anticipate markets, boost performance and turn around failing projects. His advisory services have been used long- term by clients including; The Coca Cola Company, Bank of America, GE Capital, Wachovia, McKinsey & Company, Boeing Commercial Aviation, Blackrock and Barclays International Investors (San Francisco, Tokyo and Hong Kong). Davis worked in Hong Kong as the Strategic Projects Manager for the Barclays International Investors/Blackrock merger that formed the world’s largest investment bank in December 2009. Davis headed up the Asia Pacific Fixed Income and Equities Trading Re-Platforming Initiative for Fidelity Investment Services, was the Regional Program Director for Project Gemini at Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong, SAR / Singapore), and is currently Head of Business Solutions Asia/Managing Director for Manulife Asset Management / John Hancock (Hong Kong, SAR).



  • Leslie Johnson, Advisory Board


    Leslie holds a PhD in Information Technology, a Masters in Computer Engineering, A Masters in Electrical Engineering, a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Philosophy. For 35 years she worked for Rockwell International and The Boeing Company writing software for missiles, missile simulators, aircraft, satellites, encryption systems, and the space shuttle. She is the author of numerous technical papers and her dissertation is utilized in numerous classes at CSUF. She serves on the Advisory Board for the CSUF Engineering and Computer Science Department.

    Leslie has been a member of Altrusa International of Anaheim, a community service organization, for ten years and currently serves as president. She also volunteers and helps run the Food Distribution Center for Pathways of Hope which gives food to those in need.


  • Dr. Fayr Barkley, Advisory Board


    Fayr began her career with a CBS affiliate in Jackson, MS as an investigative television journalist and anchor. She began freelancing for CBS network at age 21 and originated, wrote, and syndicated her news stories and features worldwide, selling to CBS News, CBS morning News, and Walter Cronkite. Barkley went to PBS as a writer/producer/director and produced documentaries, docudramas, educational programming, and live-to-tape programming.


    An expert in green screen technology, Barkley’s production company was housed at Hollywood Center Studios, where she wrote, produced, and directed pilots, sizzle reels, and other projects for clients. With a Ph.D. in psychology, she has been lauded a human behavior expert by mainstream media and has written for major magazine outlets including: More, Oprah, Her Campus (Harvard University) among others.


    Fayr has been featured in international documentaries by M-6 France, Australian television, and interviewed for her expertise in psychological imprinting by Time magazine, New Zealand Radio 1, ABC News, CNN, among other major media and is sought out for public speaking. She is in the “experts” database for the Dr. Phil show.


  • Julie Campbell

    Julie Campbell has worked as a television and film producer for almost 30 years. Early in her career, she produced film documentaries for BBC London, music videos, and television spots. Additionally, she co-produced a weekly Boston financial talk show, The Bottom Line, and a series of national public services announcements with The Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots, and singer/songwriter Carly Simon. Julie later produced demonstrative evidence videos for prominent trial attorneys on high profile cases, including the O.J. Simpson and Louisa Woodward trials. She was named “The Best Demonstrative Evidence Expert Producer in Massachusetts” by Lawyers Weekly.


    Julie formed Mark Campbell Productions in 1998 produced the feature film Urban Relics. Since then, Julie and MCP have been developing and producing a number of independent films, including Cottonwood, a feature currently in development directed by Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett, Jr., starring Anthony Michael Hall, Alison Eastwood, Ethan Suplee, and Joe Perry (Aerosmith). Julie is also set to produce the feature One Lucky Moon, written and directed by acclaimed director Peter Bogdanovich.


    In 2015, she teamed up with Karivara Films to develop and co-produce a slate of independent feature films. Julie is a signatory producer with the Writer's Guild of America and is a member of Women in Film in LA.





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